Driving on the Right is now on Face Book and Twitter!

Yeah, yeah, I know – social media sites are a breeding grounds for the fetid disease of Liberal thought, that is if you can even find any of the proBama B.S. amid the screaming of inane teenagers. Nevertheless, there are a few brave Conservatives on Face Book and Twitter, and I thought it was time for Driving On The Right to join the ranks. Please like our Face Book page and follow our Twitter tweets, and let’s show these liberals once and for all that we will NOT stand for car journalism with a Liberal pro-Obama bias!! Thanks and God Bless.

Welcome to Driving On The Right!

Welcome to Driving On The Right, the first blog devoted to conservatives and cars! If you’re tired of the steaming piles of crap shat out by the liberally-biased automotive media, this is the site for you. Don’t believe the hype — get the TRUTH at Driving On The Right!