Liberal law watch: California vs. “truck nuts”

Liberals are trying to stamp out your nuts!

Liberals are trying to stamp out your nuts!

Okay, we know that “truck nuts” may not be in good taste, even if they are funny. But now a group in California is seeking to outlaw them by asking police to enforce a 1930s-era statute against protrusions below a vehicle’s rear axle.

According to DriveGreen, an Obammunist-funded liberal think tank, “This accessory is not only in bad taste, but also highlights the resource waste and pollution that pickup trucks produce.”

In other words, God forbid people might figure out that people ENJOY driving pickup trucks. Better to paint us as a bunch of gas-wasting, pollution-spewing troglodytes.

The part that really cracks me up is the “bad taste” argument. Aren’t liberals the ones trying to free us from the Biblical restraints of decency and morality? Don’t these people love gallivanting around naked? And aren’t testicles part of the body that God created? Oh, wait, I forgot… God didn’t create us. We evolved. By random chance.

Well, if “random chance” saw fit to put nuts on me, I don’t see why I shouldn’t put them on my truck.

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Liberal law watch: Florida vs. pickup trucks

Pickups outlawed in Florida? Yes, if the liberals have their way!

Pickups outlawed? Yes, if the liberals get their way!

Last year, the city of Coral Gables, Florida, struck down a 52-year-old law preventing pickup trucks from being parked overnight in people’s driveways.

But Driving On the Right has heard that a group of liberal Floridians are trying to bring this law back — not for the sake of neighborhood beautification, which was the purpose of the original statute, but because pickups are bad for the environment.

Yep, folks, this his happening in Florida. Not California. Not New York. Not Oregon. Friggin’ FLORIDA.

As pickup owners ourselves, we’ve heard all the arguments: Pickups use too much gas, waste too much space, do too much collision damage to left-wing families in their tinny little Priuses. Whatever, commies. We worked our asses off so we could afford a $40,000 truck, and gosh darn it, we’re going to drive one. But we know how you liberals feel about the fruits of labor. Why should we spend our money on a nice truck, when we could give it to Obama so he can “redistribute” it to illegals who need health care and free cell phones?

Obviously, the Left won’t be happy until we’re all driving Japanese-made hybrids and electric cars that lack the range to make it out of the state. (Now there’s a subtle way to take away people’s freedom.) Needless to say, Driving On the Right encourages EVERY Floridian to park their pickups in their driveway. Make sure you put a gun rack and an American flag in the back window — that really drives the liberals crazy!

And when the Lefties tell you they don’t like it, tell them they can move to Vietnam or North Korea. Not many pickup trucks over there!

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